[lammps-users] Atoms lost Follow up

A Few weeks ago I had encountered a problem with applying a force to a fixed region and loosing atoms as a result of that. Steve had suggested 1- Writing snapshots more often to figure out which atom is getting high forces.
2- Applying a force by using aveforce (as in the flow/poiss example)

In order to apply force similar to the poiss example can I do the following:

fix 2 r aveforce 0.0073784 0.0 0.0 (my units are metal so force is in eV/A)

fix r nve

My system is divided into 3 regions, 2 fixed regions and one moveable region. I use NVT ensemble in the moveable region (the moveable regions contains a grain boundary) and NVE ensemble in the fixed region. I would appreciate any help.


Dear Saryu,
What is the question here?