[lammps-users] auto correlation function

Suppose I did my calculations correctly. How can I use the information in the J0Jt.dat file to draw an autocorrelation diagram? i could work with SciaVis and

please help and guide me

you have asked the same question before, so the answer will remain the same.

the format of the file is described in the documentation. with that information it should be possible to import the data into any plotting program of your choice, either directly or after editing in a text editor to conform to a required format or after post-processing with a script for the same purpose.

if you need help with those steps or how to use your plotting program of choice, you are asking in the wrong place, since this is a mailing list about LAMMPS and not about how to do basic scientific tasks like plotting data in a given format. i suggest you ask local colleagues or your advisor/supervisor/tutor for help with this.