[lammps-users] bonchk failed - ReaxFF with NEB

Hello everybody,

i am trying to use NEB with the following start.data and the state_1.data but i am getting the following error right after the NEB command:

System init for write_data …
ERROR on proc 0: step6-bondchk failed: i=60 end(i)=1529 str(i+1)=1525

Can you please help find the error. Is this related to my final data ? Since minimization works fine after reading the start.data

log.lammps.4 (3.98 KB)

neb.in (2.88 KB)

start.data (116 KB)

state_1.data (55.9 KB)

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Pick one and stick with that. I have posted a reply on the forum.

Hello Axel,

sorry about that. I will use the forum in the future.

Best regards

You could try the Kokkos version, it should not have this problem.

Hello Stan,

thanks for the reply. kokkos version does not have quickmin or fire minimization and i cannot use neb. Axel already helped me. My issue was too many image flags