[lammps-users] Bond creation Movie

Dear lammps users,

How can we generate a movie during bond creation by bond/react or bond/create? dump does not have bond information. Something like the below website:


LAMMPS currently does not have a condensed dump format that keeps track of ‘only the bonds that have been created or deleted.’ Instead, you could print out the full data file at each step, using the ‘every’ keyword of the ‘run’ command, and along with “write_data data.*”. Then, a program like Ovito can automatically import all these data files into a movie.

have you tried dump image or dump movie?


There is also the dump local command which can print out bond info.
Though not, as Jake said, for just bonds created or deleted. Though
perhaps if you were creative about how you assigned new bonded
atoms to groups, you might be able to only dump created bonds.