[lammps-users] build system / source tree organization question

Hi all.

I was wondering why the files, “src/MOLECULE/.cpp" and "src/MOLECULE/.h” all have duplicate copies in “src/.cpp" "src/.h”, while other packages (e.g. “GRANULAR”) do not have duplicate entries. Seems odd.


If the package is installed, its files are copied into the src dir. If not,
only the copy in the package dir exists.


I see. So the MOLECULE package comes “pre-installed”, while others (e.g. GRANULAR) packages are not “installed” by default? (I’m looking at the source trees freshly unpacked from the sourceforge tarballs of 10Nov05 and the latest patched version of 29Nov06 from lammps.sandia.gov)

That's right - this is explained in the Making LAMMPS section
of the doc pages.

Note that "installing" a package is as simple as typing

make yes-granular

and re-building LAMMPS.