[lammps-users] Building LAMMPS with MEAM

I also used ifort to create the meam.a libraray due to the fail of g95. This is maybe due to the link between c and f files. I was succedded in creating the lmp_parallel_poems_meam.

As reference I attached my makefile

SHELL = /bin/sh

# System-specific settings

CC = g++
CCFLAGS = -g -O -I/home/yucj/installs/mpich-1.2.7/include/ \
    -I/home/yucj/installs/fftw-2.1.5/include \
    -I/home/yucj/Lammps/lammps-4Dec07/lib/poems \
LINK = g++
LINKFLAGS = -g -O -L/home/yucj/installs/mpich-1.2.7/lib \
    -L/home/yucj/installs/fftw-2.1.5/lib \
    -L/home/yucj/intel/fc/9.1.032/lib \
    -L/home/yucj/Lammps/lammps-4Dec07/lib/poems \
USRLIB = -lfftw -lmpich -lpoems -lmeam
SYSLIB = -lpthread -lifcore -lsvml -lompstub -limf
SIZE = size

Hope helpful.

Chol-Jun Yu,
I had a bit more success with compiling LAMMPS. I was able to (I think) get linking to work between MEAM and LAMMPS by using ifort and icc/mpicc to compile the software. Linking results in errors (attached) caused by a compatibility problem between recent versions of Redhat and the icc compiler. Apparently there is a quick work-around with in the -libstdc++_shared.so library. The fix is found at: https://lists.sdsc.edu/pipermail/npaci-rocks-discussion/2005-November/015337.html.

errors_with_intel_compilers.txt (40.2 KB)

Makefile.icc (900 Bytes)