[lammps-users] Building Lammps

I’ve installed lammps and am now following the manual to get started.

The step that I’m having trouble with is building lammps for the first time.

I’m able to get to the source directory, and after typing “make” I get the list of available options like it says.

I’m using Ubuntu, and I’m unable to complete the next step which is to type “make machine”, then get the lmp_machine executable.

The choice that I’m using is linux, as in “make linux”, but I just get a long list of error messages.

Thanks for any help,

very respectfully,

Dear friend,
Please find a guide for installing lammps in linux…

guide (4.6 KB)

Follow this thread:



In addition to the other responses you got, the
LAMMPS manual (Section_start.html) discusses
how to use the Makefiles in much detail. There
are several settings you should look at. Makefile.linux
probably doesn't have settings consistent with
your box.