[lammps-users] calculating number of atoms

Hi all
I want to know how to control the generation of number of atoms.
Means I want to change number of atoms for each run.

create geometry

lattice hex 0.93 13
region box block 0 150 0 40 -0.25 0.25
create_box 5 box
create_atoms 1 box

If I am correct, region command is responsible for calculating number of atoms.
I want to know the meaning of different parameter in region command to calculate number of atoms.

For the above parameters 12191 atoms are created, can anyone tell me about how the above parameters involved in the calculation of number of atoms.

Is there any way to change number of atoms through command line arguments?


Sanjay. H.A
PhD Student
Grid Application Research Lab
Supercomputing Education adn Reseach Center
Indian Institute of Science

Read the doc page for create_atoms. It is what is
making atoms. In this case they fill the box which is
the size of the region. So the two commands are