[lammps-users] Calling LAMMPS with more than 4 variable assignments


LAMMPS crashes for me if I provide more than 4 variables on the command
line. For example, using the trivial input script "test.in"

print a is $a
print b is $b
print c is $c
print d is $d
print e is $e

and calling LAMMPS via

lmp -var a 1 -var b 2 -var c 3 -var d 4 -var e 5 -in test.in

the program either hangs or crashes, depending on the machine I'm using.
Calling LAMMPS with only four variables, everything works as expected. Can
anyone reproduce this behavior?


4 is a hard limit, since we don't feel anyone should ever
need to set more than 4 variables from the command line.

Just joking ... it's a bug. I'll post a patch ...