[lammps-users] can AtC package solves mechanical problems

Dear lammps users:

I’ve been working with AtC package for a while and I found that this package concentrate on thermal conduction problems. My question is can AtC package be used to solve mechanical problems? For example, how to apply a deformation to the material basically?

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  the general framework of the coupling part of the ATC package is suitable for mechanical problems. We have had a prototype implementation for some time that works on toy problems but no strong driver on our end to make the code suitable for release to the general user-ship. Nevertheless it is on our list of things to do this year.

sorry I can't give better news than that,
ps there are others who are working to do mechanical coupling with lammps. Please search the list archive for some contacts.

Can I visualize the ATC examples in VMD? how to get the images like shown in lammps user manual (http://lammps.sandia.gov/doc/fix_atc.html)?

Hi Karthik,

The images in the user manual were produced using a commercial visualization software called EnSight. The user-atc package has the ability to output EnSight-style visualization files (a .case file and associated variable files). In addition to EnSight, these files can also be displayed by the vis program ParaView - an open-source program available at www.paraview.org. I'm not sure if VMD is capable of using EnSight files.

Jon Zimmerman

Hi Karthik,


I'm not sure if VMD is capable of using EnSight files.


VMD is primarily geared towards visualizing atomic data.
support for gridded data is very limited and restricted
to formats mainly used by quantum chemistry programs
or "bio"-analysis tools.