[lammps-users] Can "bond_style harmonic" not work with "atom_style atomic" ?

I set atom_style be atomic and bond_style harmonic.
lmp returns :
ERROR: Bond_style command when no bonds allowed
(bond_style harmonic between read_data )

ERROR on proc 0: No bonds allowed with this atom style
(bond_style harmonic after read_data )

After I change atom_style to “full”, it works.

Is it a bug? Or any reason?

Thank you!

Cun Zhang

Here is the log file:

cunzhang@…2088…:~/lammps/CG$ cat log.lammps
LAMMPS (4 Aug 2010)

units real
dimension 3
atom_style atomic
boundary s s s
neighbor 2.0 nsq
neigh_modify every 1 one 5000
special_bonds lj 0 0 1.0

create geometry

read_data data

Atom style atomic doesn't let you define bonds.
Other atom styles do. See the atom_style doc
page for details.


Steve, get it!
Thank you for your reply!
I will read the manual more carefully!

Cun Zhang