[lammps-users] compilation error

Dear all, on the 17 nov version there are two compilation error in angle_hybrid.cpp

angle_hybrid.cpp(264): error: argument of type “int” is incompatible with parameter of type “char **”
if (!none) styles[m]->coeff(which,narg-1,&arg[1]);

angle_hybrid.cpp(264): error #140: too many arguments in function call
if (!none) styles[m]->coeff(which,narg-1,&arg[1]);



Hmm - those are changed in my version and in the repository,
for the new feature of the patch. I need to check why that didn't
make it into the distributed patch.


I checked the patch file. The change to the line of code
you are flagging is in the patch file, which means it should
also be in the tarball. If you patched, then you should
have also done "make update" before re-building to
insure the new files are in your src dir?