[lammps-users] Compilation in Altix 3700

Hi all,
I am a newcomer to lammps-user community. I want some help.
I am getting some error in compiling the LAMMPS in Altix 3700 with intel icc.
The Makefile I am using is:


Looks like you did not reference the standard library. Add something of the order of -lstdc++ to the SYSLIB variable.


Thanks a lot Pieter.
I could do it.
I look forward for your help later on.

Sandip Haldar

*** Sandip,


this should work automatically if you use the 'real' c++
compiler from the intel compiler package 'icpc'. icc is
essentially a c-compiler that handles c++, too, if the
filename indicates c++ code (.cpp, .cc, .C). upon linking
is is using c semantics.