[lammps-users] compiling atc

Hello, dear users.
I would like to ask how to compile atc library.
I changed CC and Link flags to mpicxx but this doesn’t help.
Thank you for attention.

make -f Makefile.icc
mpicxx -O -g -I…/…/src -DMPICH_IGNORE_CXX_SEEK -c ATC_HardyKernel.cpp
In file included from Matrix.h:3,
from DenseMatrix.h:4,
from MatrixLibrary.h:4,
from ATC_TypeDefs.h:11,
from LammpsInterface.h:9,
from ATC_HardyKernel.h:5,
from ATC_HardyKernel.cpp:1:
MatrixDef.h:40: error: conflicting declaration ‘typedef class std::vector<INDEX, std::allocator > List’
/opt/mpich-ch_p4-gcc-1.2.7/include/mpi2c++/mpi2c++_list.h:34: error: ‘class List’ has a previous declaration as `class List’
make: *** [ATC_HardyKernel.o] Error 1

In MatrixDef.h change the line

typedef vector List;


typedef vector LIST;


2010/12/16 t t <lan1967@…1092…>