[lammps-users] compute stress/atom

Hello guys,

I have a question on compute stress/atom command. I tried to use dump command to output 6 components of stress tensors without using the compute stress/atom command, then I can get the stress. But I am not sure wheter this is right as I didn’t use compute command. However, when I add compute stress/atom command in my input file, there is one message coming out said: More than one compute stress/atom defined. I don’t know what’s the reason. I am wondering is it right to only use dump command to output stress? Or I need to modify my compute command? Thanks.


In the latest, fully patched version of LAMMPS (22 Oct), there are no
keywords like sxx in the dump custom command. Rather, you must
define a compute stress/atom and access the 6 components in your
dump custom command, e.g. c_ID[1], etc