[lammps-users] confused with the deform command

Hello Everyone:
I am so confused with the deform command, in the manul the syntax is like this:
fix ID group−ID deform N parameter args … keyword value …
and N= perform box deformation every this many timesteps
for example: fix 1 all deform 10 z erate 0.03 .
Does it mean the length along z of the box turned to be L0+100.03L0 at the beginning and then relaxed for 10 timesteps ?(L0 is the origin length of the box along Z). I am so confused with it.Can somebody explain the meaning of N clearly for me? Thanks!

The box is deformed (changed to a new size or shape)
every so many timesteps. If N is 1, it happens every
timestep. If N is 10, it only happens every 10th timestep.
For the other 9, is stays the same size/shape.