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I made a nano-cutting simulation with diamand tool and ti-al workpiece.I wanted to output the cutting force of the non-rigid tool,who can tell me how can i use the command to output the cutting force.thanks very much,good best for you,thank you very much.

how exactly is that cutting force defined?
once you can describe that explicitly, you can look for commands that can do the same computation and then you can use one of the various output methods (as summarized in the corresponding HowTo pages in the manual) to extract that information.

You did not understand my question.
Independent of LAMMPS, how would you describe how to compute this force in some mathematical way?

Once you can properly describe what you want to compute, it is possible to make a suggestion for which command(s) to use.

“Force of workpiece on tools” is too vague.


thanks for your review,the matter is I do not know which command of Lammps can compute the cutting force,as if only output the part force of diamond tool.Generally speaking, the cutting force should be the force of the workpiece on the tool.So i want to know which command can compute the cutting force,compute group/group or fix setforce?Can you tell me.best wishes for you,thanks very much.

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thanks very much,thanks.

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