[lammps-users] coordinate in ave/spatial

Dear all,

While simulating a heat transfer problem using boundary m p p with a system size 150x25x25 in metal units (0-150 in x, 0-25 in each of y and z) and subsequently using the command

fix tmp all ave/spatial 1000 100 100000 x 0.0 5.0 v_temperature file tmp.ke units box, where temperature is the variable

I find that the result which is printed in the tmp.ke file actually begins from the lowest coordinate of x, rather than 0.0. Please suggest if any specific keyword needs to be added for the write command to execute as specified.



Not sure what you are asking. The bin coord printed is the center of the bin,
not the lower edge. There are several keywords that affect the positioning
of the bins and their size, in the fix ave/spatial command - the doc page
explains them.