[lammps-users] Core - shell molecular dynamics

Dear users,

I want to know that core-shell model can be possible in LAMMPS.
I found same question in the mail list.(link)

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I was checking through the archives of the LAMMPS mailing list, and
came across a post by Aidan Thompson 2 years back about polarizable
core/shell models. Basically, these are Buckingham potentials + a
Coulombic term in which each atom has 2 degrees of freedom instead of
1, i.e. a core and a shell. LAMMPS has the right potential (Coulomb +
Buckingham), but I haven’t seen any documentation where this can be
used for the polarizable core/shell, while also accounting for the
harmonic potential that governs interactions between each core and

No one has followed up to do the implementation necessary
for this. My recollection is that the people who knew core-shell
didn't think it would be too hard.