[lammps-users] Couette's flow with polymer walls


I want to replace walls in Couette’s flow from “atomic” to “bond”, i.e. i want to have polymer walls.

I hadn’t find any examples with different styles of particles (for instance atomic and bond, where atomic style is a flow
and bond style are walls,made of polymer.

Could you tell what is the best way to do it?

And what about potentials?

Thanks a lot. Sergey R.

I've done some flow simulations with LAMMPS, and might be able to help. But your question is confusing. Flow isn't an atom style. Have you set up a LAMMPS simulation using the atomic atom style? As far as potentials go - most of the LAMMPS mechanisms for creating a shearing flow will work with all of the ubiquitous polymer potentials.

Quoting "Romashevsky S." <[email protected]...>:

If you use atom_style bond, then not all your
particles need to have bonds. Some can have them,
some not - so you can have a mixture of a molecular/atomic
system with that style.