[lammps-users] crashes on minimize using Aug 21 2009 code

I have just built the latest (Aug 21 2009) code but I am having problems
with it crashing during minimization runs.

The Aug 21 2009 code compiles and links without errors using the same
Makefile that I used to build my current working version (21 May 2008). I
can run all the example scripts using the 21 May 2008 version (a few updates
to some input files are required due to syntax changes, nothing major)
I can run _most_ of the examples using the 21 Aug 2008 version EXCEPT for
those involving the minimize command (in.min and in.indent.min), and I also
see crashes using my own input scripts during minimizations. These occur
regardless of the number of processors when running with mpich and also
during serial execution.

The code crashes with generic errors of the type:
p4_error: interrupt SIGSEGV: 11

The crashes occur during minimization runs (not before the minimize or on
the first step, but after some number of successful steps). The log
files/screen output is simply truncated at the last successful step and so I
haven't included that here. I have included gdb debug information below
which indicates the error is occurring in the output.cpp module.

Given there has been some recent tinkering with the minimize code, and most
other input commands/scripts do seem to be working, it seems worth reporting
this problem even though I can't totally rule out a build problem of some

Is anyone else having trouble running the minimization examples with the
latest code? Any hints on troubleshooting this problem would be greatly

Rebecca P.

yes - I see the same problem. Undoubtably something
checked in with the most recent patch. I'll take
a look later today.


Simpler fix than I thought. Just a one-line typo.
See the 25Aug09 patch.

Thanks again,