[lammps-users] Creating shock wave in LAMMPS


I want to create a shock wave using LAMMPS. What is the best way to do this. I tried to form shock using flyer plate-target configuration which is basically a symmetric impact. I performed NVE but the results showed that ahead of shock front the particle velocity is not their original velocities (decrease in some degree). This may be probably from NVE since just before collision the two particles attract each other more which increase the velocities at that region so the particle velocities at the end region decrease to fix the energy. Is there a better way to create a shock?

Thank You

Bedri Arman
Artie McFerrin Dept. of Chemical Engineering
Texas A&M University

You can set initial velocities however you wish. There is a rich
literature on using MD for shock wave models. I suggest finding
some papers where people talk about what initial conditions and
boundary conditions they use.