[lammps-users] Cylinder Container in Granular Simulations

Hi lammps's users

I'm using the granular package and I want to built a cylinder container.

I'm using the arguments for cylinder option in some commands, such as region and fix wall/gran, but I can't visualize a cylinder container, I only visualize a rectangular container.

What can I do? How can I visualize a cylinder container? Can someone help me?

Thanks a lot.


Hi Aline,

The default box shape for lammps is a rectangle. If you create a cylinder as your region of interest it will be contained inside the rectangular box. To visualize the cylinder only you would have to do something like this

let’s say your simulation box has dimensions

box block -10 10 -10 10 0 10

then you have to do the following operations to remove the part of the region that’s outside of the cylinder

region cyl cylinder z 0 0 10 0 10
group cyl1 region cyl
group rest subtract all cyl1
delete_atoms group rest

if you plot the trayectories for group all after the dynamics you perform you should be able to see a cylinder.

Hope this helps