[lammps-users] dangerous builds

My question is about dangerous builds. What is
meaning of dangerous builds? This error show that my
simulation is wrong.


Dilek Cakiroglu
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Oklahoma State University


Dangerous builds indicate a small skin when executing your simulation: LAMMPS rebuilds your neighbor list before it was expected to do so, hence the term “dangerous”. You can increase the skin by

neighbor skin style

where skin is a number related to the units of your system, typically O(1) for not too mobile LJ systems. The default for style is bin, so that a neighbor command for a typical LJ simulation could read

neighbor 0.5 bin

You can play around with the skin value to remedy the dangerous build message.


Reduce the neigh_modify delay parameter and you should
eliminate them. They don't necessarily mean any thing is
bad, just that you could possibly have missed pairwise interactions.