[lammps-users] Data file problem

Hello LAMMPS users,

I am getting the following error with my data file when I try to run LAMMPS:

read_data ./Norbornene_1_molecule.dat

4 = max bonds/atom

6 = max angles/atom

17 = max dihedrals/atom

4 = max impropers/atom

1 by 1 by 1 processor grid

ERROR: Incorrect args for dihedral coefficients

I cannot determine where the problem is located. I have attached my input script along with the corresponding data file.



Norbornene_1_molecule.dat (24.3 KB)

in.norbornene (3.59 KB)

I don't get any error with the current version of LAMMPS.
(I had to comment out your pair_modify and thermo_style
commands, since they are non-standard).

So I suggest you try the 17 Jul 06 version, and see if you
still have a problem.