[lammps-users] Dear lammps-users and developers


First of all: I kindly suggest that you write something more specific in the Subject field when you submit a question to the mailing list, so that people can see from the subject line what your question is about.

Secondly, you have your answer right in front of you, in your error message: "Cannot open EAM potential file Fe_mm.eam.fs" - I guess that you are referring to the file Fe_mm.eam.fs in your input script, but do not give the right path to it. You should maybe copy that file to the folder you run your script from, or give the right path in the input script.

Also, an input script is not "compiled". In order to make an executable program from source code you need to compile - for instance when making LAMMPS itself. An input script, however, is just run by LAMMPS. :slight_smile:

Christer H. Ersland.