[lammps-users] deposition: temperature of substrate and the deposited particles

Dear Steve and all lammps-users,
I have a question about the deposition. I try to deposit some atoms onto a surface, where the temperature (non-zero value) of the substrate is different from the temperature of the deposited partcilces . I am wondering if it is possible to control (or define) the substrate temperature? If so, how?

Thanks for your help.


Thermostat the substrate, e.g. via fix langevin or fix nvt.


Dear Steve,
Thanks for the information.
When I include the temperature fix in the substrate, I got the following complains:

ERROR: Lost atoms: original 1002 current 602

Attached is the input file, which I could not figure out this problem.

Thanks for your help,


in.test (1.05 KB)

You'll need to figure out why you are losing atoms. Try
visualizing the system, monitoring thermo output, etc.
I can't debug people's input scripts.