lammps-users Digest, Vol 113, Issue 24

Dear lammps experts,
I am new to lammps, i am trying to run Reaction mechanism in lammps. I would like to know information about data file and in file in windows version. Can anyone explain me with a example? I would like to know your suggestions how to learn lammps and what are the potential i should choose? Thank you in advance for your reply.

as you are new, i should first remind you of mailing list courtesy.
posting a new question by replying to a digest e-mail is particularly irritating for two reasons:

  1. your e-mail has a pointless subject line. your chances of getting help depends on people considering your e-mail worth reading and a descriptive subject line is the first step to encourage people to read it

  2. you needlessly send copies of multiple e-mails that people have already seen to everybody.