lammps-users Digest, Vol 129, Issue 71

have you konwn already how to turn off the C-H O-H or how to maintain the molucular when run the equilibrium?

​congratulations for posting an e-mail to this mailing list which has a
good chance to have worst signal-to-noise ratio ever.

you replied to a digested e-mail without changing the subject line and
quoted the *entire* message​. this is extremely wasteful, since nobody
wants to see all that stuff again, that they have already seen. remember,
how disrespectful it is, when you are too lazy to make even a minimal
effort to start a new e-mail and copy mailing list address and write a
subject line. how can you expect somebody to be willing to write a
meaningful response? furthermore, your question is lacking context, so how
do you expect to get somebody to respond without knowing what it is you are
trying to do. in addition, you need to run your question by somebody with a
better grip on the english language, as there are problems with spelling
and grammar, that make your question near incomprehensible, regardless of
the lacking context.


​[loads of useless crap deleted]​