[lammps-users] dimensionless units

Hi all,

I am trying to use the lj unit (dimensionless unit) system for a colloid system with a table potential. The potential is given in the (ug um^2/s^2) unit form. The temperature is around 300k.

I think as long as I use all my other properties in the units as: mass (ug), length (um), and time (s), I should be OK.
However if I choose to do so, one KT is now 0.001381 ug um^2/s^2. Hence my temperature is 4.143 (300*0.001381) in the dimensionless form. Am I right? Anything else I should be careful? Thanks for your help.


Your conversion looks correct for temperature. But there
are many other subtle issues with unit conversion. If you
have a script that is working in non-LJ units, then you
should be able to convert it to LJ units and produce
identical results. If somethng is different, then that
means you messed up.