[lammps-users] Does lammps support LOOP?

Dear Lammps_users

   I want to repeat a action by timesteps.
     Can lammps do this automatically by loop?

     And I still have another question.
     Can I assign some results(eg. stress,volume) to variables
     and operate them simply(eg. add, divide), getting the final results in lammps?
     Any help will be appreciated!

Best Regards

Zhenyu Yang
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  Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
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LAMMPS can loop thru your input script if you use the
"jump" and "label" commands. See the doc pages for
those commands. Also in the "howto" section of the manual
there are some examples.

The doc page for the "variable" command discusses what
values you can set a variable to. The "equal" style is
the one you want.