[lammps-users] dump_modify question

Is it possible to use the following combination of dump and dump_modify commands together?

dump mydump all custom 10 ./dump*.out tag type x y z xu yu zu ix iy iz vx vy vz
dump_modify mydump scale no

When trying this combination I kept getting an error (ERROR: Illegal dump_modify command) and couldn't see why from the manual.

I was thinking that it might not be possible to use "scale yes/no" with the custom output format?

Thanks in advance.

Dan Lussier


“scale” should only be used with dump atom. Also, dumping out “ix iy iz” is the same as saying “scale yes” in dump_modify, so I don’t know why you’d specify “scale no.”


The "scale" argument is only for the "atom" style.
There is no need for it with the "custom" style of
dump. If you want unscaled coordinates, just use x,y,
and z as arguments, and if you want scaled
coordinates, use xs, ys, and zs.

The dump modify doc page states you can't use "scale" with
the custom style of dump. Use xs,ys,zs keywords to achieve
the same thing.