[lammps-users] Endianness problem


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By the way, another question regarding the contents of the binary
restart2data file:
I know that, with positions and velocities, I can continue the simulation
exactly in the same point where it stopped. But, what about the thermostat?

with text more restarts only up to a point, since the precision in the
data file is not capturing as many digits accuracy than the binary restart.

Is there any info stored in the restart file regarding the thermostat? It

that depends on the thermostat. only nose-hoover thermostats are
"stateful", and in that case, the state of the additional degrees of
freedom are indeed stored in the restart.

this is so, is there a way to extract this information and input it in the
new simulation?

there is no way to input the info back into lammps outside reading a
restart. but considering that the reduced precision of the data file
will cause a small "kick" to your system, having another one from
restarting the nose-hoover chains, wouldn't make that much of a
difference in my opinion.