[lammps-users] Energy decrease in TIP4P water system

Dear LAMMPS users,

I am recently simulating my tip4p water system in LAMMPS.
However, there’s a significant problem in the simulation result.

Total energy in my system is dropping continuously, it seems to decrease in linear pattern. Decrease is observed both in potential and kinetic energy part.
While doing the simulation, I started with NVT process for 200ps and went on NVE process for 1000ps. So I think stabilizing process was sufficiently done.
I looked into every line in my input file, but I couldn’t find an error on it. Would you point me the problem in this simulation? That will be a lot of help.

This is my input file,

I don't see any obvious problem with this script.
Maybe Ahmed has an idea. He has done lots
of TIP4P modeling.