[lammps-users] Error- expected integer paramater in input script or data file

Hi all,
I changed to new version of lammps 10May10, beacuse I was not able to run minimization in the earlier version ( 14oct09), although NPT, NVE, etc were running fine with this earlier version.

Now, with new version, I could do a test case minimization when I read data from a restart file.

But when I am starting from the original data file, the new version is now giving me an error “expected integer parameter in input script or data file”
with the same input and data file that I used successfully to do NVT, NPT with the earlier version ( without minimization).

I copied the lammps executable for the new version (10May10).
I do not see new msi2lammps.exe ( which I use to make lammps data file) in the 10May10 version, so thought it is the same as the old version.
Is there anything else I need to do ?

Thanks for help


The current version is more careful about error checking params in the data
file. If you specify something like 1.5 or 1.0 when it expects an integer,
it will throw an error, since LAMMPS will truncate the value. DIhedral
coeffs are a common place to make this mistake.