[lammps-users] Error:Fix bond/create needs ghost atoms from further away

Dear all

I used fix bond/create to create a new bond in order to model crosslink. But I got this error:
Fix bond/create needs ghost atoms from further away

Meanwhile, I used extra/special/per/atom in the read_data and comm_modify commands to increase communication cutoff. I cannot solve this problem. I tried both serial and parallel executions. Please help me.

Best regards

When I deleted some atoms this error occured. Any suggestions?

That error occurs in setup in fix bond/create when it is checking that
every atom which has bonds also stores every atom (possibly as a ghost atom)
that it is bonded to. My guess is that when you deleted atoms, you
mistakenly deleted some that are in bonds. So that the other atom now cannot
find the deleted atom, hence the error.