[lammps-users] Errot in Water droplet on graphite slab with GPU

Hello lammps-users and developers,

I am simulating the water droplet on graphite slab with GPU acceleration. And the system is shown in Fig. 1. The GPU are used to accelerate my simulation. However, the work is failed when I use 2 or more cpus processors with GPU. Error “Cuda driver error 1 in call at file ‘geryon/nvd_kernel.h’ in line 364. Abort(-1) on node 1 (rank 1 in comm 0): application called MPI_Abort(MPI_COMM_WORLD, -1) - process 1” is triggered. And it is fine when only one cpu processors is used. So, how can I fix such error?

Fig. 1

Best regards
Dongbo Wang

does this kind of error happen only with this particular input deck or also with other inputs like then ones in the bench or examples folders?
what version of LAMMPS is this with and what particular platform and GPU are you running on?