[lammps-users] executable error


I am new to LAMMPS and still in learning mode, so this may sound a stupid question. I am trying to test run the files in examples folder, and I am getting this error message

Failed to find the following executable:

Host: grapes.wustl.edu
Executable: lmp_linux

Cannot continue.

What should I do, please let me know.



Hi Subhashis,

Assuming that you have successfully compiled LAMMPS to get an
executable named lmp_linux, the problem is that your machine
doesn't know where that executable is. You need to either
modify your path so that it contains lmp_linux, put a link to
lmp_linux in your existing path, give the path to the
executable on the command line, or copy the executable to the
directory in which you wish to run and issue the command as

If you don't know how to do any of those things, ask someone at
your institution who is handy with linux to help you because
this is a Linux issue, not a LAMMPS issue.

Joanne Budzien