[lammps-users] experimental LAMMPS RPMs - feedback needed

hi everybody,

based on a recent discussion with steve and other
lammps developers, i've prepare a couple of RPMs
that contain a precompiled serial executable of
LAMMPS for linux 32bit and 64-bit x86 platforms.
you can find the resulting packages here.


i've also included the corresponding source RPM
for those of you curious to try building rpms on
other platforms.

the binaries include *all* available packages with the
exception of GPU support since CUDA is currently not
available as a repackaged rpm.

i am kindly asking anybody on this list to provide
comments on this form of distributing LAMMPS. please
post them to the list here. i am particularly curious
to get feedback from ubuntu/debian users. my knowledge
about the packaging system there is over 5 years old.
at that time it was possible to convert an rpm to a
native package and use that instead.

your feedback is *required* to decide on how to proceed
with this. the rpm is based on a quick hack and
not yet meant to be complete. depending on the feedback
and availability of time, there would be "native" parallel
packages as well as rpms for other distributions.

up front i have one remark about future parallel packages:
i will not consider building packages for MPICH. if you want
MPICH support you are on your own. MPICH is a nightmare for
people aiming to build portable binaries. thus parallel
packages will be using OpenMPI instead, since it is the only
open source MPI package that i know, which does not require
to link in the transport layer software or requires compiler
specific runtime libraries, i.e. one can compile binaries for
use with myrinet or infiniband or gigabit ethernet on a
machine without any of those being installed and does not
have to build different versions of it for each compiler.
if somebody knows an MPI package with equivalent features,
i will consider that as well.

thanks in advance for any comments,