[lammps-users] FCM command

Thank you for your answer. But I want to know the total force acting on a group of atoms. FCM command allows you to do that but I am not able to print it in a file.
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LAMMPS does not have a built in function for that to my knowledge. Craig supplied a fix that, in combination with a group definition, will be able to give you the sum of forces of a group and output the resulting vector to a file. You could use his suggestion as a step-off to your own refinements. It would need to include something like inr group.cpp: Group::fcm().


For a group of atoms in a sliced layer i was using something like
fix 1 all ave/spatial 10 1000 x center 10 force.fx atom fx norm all
units box

The file prints avg force/atom and no. of atoms in that layer

I am not sure whether it will help your case.


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