[lammps-users] fene bond error

I am simulating a system with fene bond potential , although it gives me the data after the specified time step, but during the run process it has a lot of warning messages “fene bond too long”. In order to verify this problem I checked chain example existed in lammps documents/bench/in.chain & data.chain and it had the same error messages, now I am wondering is that a problem or not and if it is what should I do to remove this error messages.
actually I changed a lot of variables in fene bond coefficients and even other parameters, but none of them helped.
please help me!!!



I can run the bench/in.chain test w/out any error
or warning message. Are you' saying you run the
test for 100 steps on 1 proc and get warnings? If so,
make sure you are using the most up-to-date (fully
patched) version of LAMMPS.