[lammps-users] First Circular: FOMMS 2009

The first circular for FOMMS 2009 is reproduced in this email below.
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Fourth International Conference Foundations of Molecular Modeling and

FOMMS 2009

Foundations for Innovation

Semiahmoo Resort, Blaine, WA, USA
July 12 -16, 2009


Presented by:
CACHE Corporation and
the Computational Molecular Science & Engineering Forum of the
American Institute of Chemical Engineers

FOMMS 2009 is the 4th international conference showcasing applications
and theory of computational quantum chemistry, molecular science, and
engineering simulation. It is motivated by the continual need for
precise prediction and control of materials properties and the
fundamental, molecular-level understanding of chemical processes that
allow the efficient creation of new products to meet specific market
demands. Theoretical and algorithmic advances and modern computing
technology allow companies to capture value and truly sustainable,
far-reaching competitive advantage. The future for these methods is
bright as they continue to prove their value to the chemical and
chemical-related industries. The conference will explore these issues
in the same format as the three previous highly successful FOMMS
meetings held in 2000, 2003, and 2006.

What's new this time?

- Focus on foundations and applications
- Afternoon and evening workshop on special topics like open source code
development and interoperability, and new multicore processors and gpus
- Founder's Medal & lecture, followed by banquet
- Ending on Thursday night after banquet

FOMMS 2009 is a scientific modeling meeting balanced between molecular
simulation and computational chemistry. All talks are invited and
represent the state-of-the-art in the particular special topic areas.
Two poster sessions will provide opportunities for all attendees to
present their work. Also, one afternoon will be devoted to a workshop
on the use of multicore and GPUs, and an evening workshop on open source
code development will also be featured. In addition, the schedule
provides large blocks of time for informal discussions, relaxation, or
leisure, as well as several receptions to facilitate interaction between
conference participants. Each presentation will be rigorously reviewed
and edited.

Invited Speakers*

New perspectives in molecular simulation:
- Daan Frenkel (Cambridge)
- Berend Smit (UC Berkeley)

Proteins and biological systems:
- David Baker (UW)
- Charlie Brooks (UM)

Linking process scale simulation and molecular modeling:
- Linda Broadbelt (NWU)
- Dion Vlachos (U Delaware)

Rare events: acceleration algorithms and transition path sampling:
- Baron Peters (UCSB)
- Giovanni Ciccotti (La Sapienza, Rome)
- Phil Geissler (UC Berkeley)

Soft materials and complex fluids:
- Ilja Siepmann (U Minn)
- Clare McCabe (Vanderbilt)
- Lev Gelb (Wash U)

Simulation-based engineering & science - Novel materials and industrial
- Caroline Mellot (UCL, UK)
- Shinichiro Nakamura (Mitsubishi, Japan)
- Herve' Toulhoat (IFP, France)

Petascale computing and emerging architectures for modeling and
- David Shaw (D.E. Shaw Research & Columbia)
- Klaus Schulten (UIUC)
- George Karniadakis (Brown U.)

* all confirmed

Call for Participation

FOMMS is the premier conference on molecular modeling and simulation.
Through a combination of outstanding keynote and invited talks on
cutting edge research, to tutorials and workshops on selected topics,
FOMMS caters to all levels of interest, from the expert in molecular
modeling and simulation to those interested in learning more about this
exciting field. FOMMS 2009 will bring together in a single forum the
best molecular modeling researchers, academic and industrial users, and
commercial vendors.

To subscribe to the FOMMS information mailing list, visit
http://www.freelists.org/list/fomms or send an email to
fomms-request[*]freelists.org with subscribe in the subject field. For
more info or to contact the organizers, http://fomms.org

Important Dates
- Submission of poster abstracts:
February 13, 2009
- Notification of poster acceptance:
March 27, 2009
- Invited talk and poster manuscripts due:
(for inclusion in conference cd)
June 5, 2009
- Early registration deadline:
June 5, 2009
- Cut-off date for hotel reservations:
June 12, 2009
- Conference:
July 12-16, 2009


The Semiahmoo Resort is a seaside hotel featuring a luxurious spa and
two of Washingtons top public courses; Loomis Trail Golf Club and
Semiahmoo Golf & Country Club.

Nestled on the northern Puget Sound shoreline in Blaine, Washington, and
overlooking Semiahmoo Bay and Drayton Harbor, Semiahmoo offers a
multitude of resort activities in an exceptional setting.


Conference Organizing Committee

Sharon Glotzer (U Michigan)

Alain Fuchs (ENSPC)
Susumu Okazaki (IMS)
Jonathan Moore (Dow Chemical)

Senior Advisors
Peter T. Cummings (Vanderbilt/ORNL)
Phil Westmoreland (UMass/NSF)
Joe Golab (INEOS)

Programming committee
Claire Adjiman (Imperial College)
Jerry Bernholc (NCSU)
Anne M. Chaka (NIST)
Pablo Debenedetti (Princeton)
Kerwin Dobbs (Dupont)
Thom Dunning (NCSA)
Glenn Fredrickson (UCSB)
Shekhar Garde (RPI)
Peter A. Gordon (ExxonMobil)
Carol K. Hall (NCSU)
Mark A. Horsch (Intel)
Shiaki Hyodo (Toyota Central R&D)
David A. Kofke (SUNY-Buffalo)
Shaoyi Jiang (UW)
Matthew Neurock (UVa)
Jeffrey A. Nichols (ORNL)
John P. O'Connell (UVa)
Mark A. Ratner (NWU)
Richard Ross (3M)
Philippe Ungerer (IFP)

Sponsorship Opportunities

Vendors and organizations are invited to participate as sponsors of
FOMMS 2009. To indicate your interest, contact [email protected]...