[lammps-users] fix ave/time for per atom quantities?

Hi All - curious, is it possible to use the fix ave/time or ave/spatial commands to calculate the time average of a per atom quantity (say average position of each atom through some time or average coordination number of each atom through some time)?

the docs make it seem like ave/time only operates on globally defined (not per atom) quantities like system temperature or pressure, and ave/spatial only computes spatially and time averaged quantities (i.e. it averages in space as well as time but not one or the other). Is that true?



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That indeed is true. Average quantities per atom would take up double the memory. You can add it yourself if you like…


ave/time only works on global properties
ave/spatial does both spatial and time averaging (unless you set the
  time increments such that no time averaging takes place) and
  only works on per-atom properties


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