[lammps-users] fix bond/create

I made a LJ simulation in Lammps with no data file: I have generated 200 atoms ( type 2 ) inside a sphere ( group SS) that is located in the center of a larger block ( group FF) with 30000 atoms ( type 1). I am wondering , would it be possible to use fix bond/create to create the bond type 1: between atomes (type 2) in group SS? I use: " fix b SS bond/create 10 2 2 0.1 1" and I get the error that bond type is invalid. does it mean that fix bond/create is not a right command choice for this purpose? if yes where I should check for making this error?
Thanks for your advice and comments.

The only way to define bond types, even if they don't exist
until fix bond/create creates them is to use a data file
with it's bond-related settings.