[lammps-users] fix heat

Dear Sir,
we want to compute thermal conductivity of gold nanowire. 
we want to use the  [fix](http://lammps.sandia.gov/doc/fix.html) heat command. apart of  our input file is following:

units   metal
fix 3 hifix heat 1 1.0
timestep     0.001

is that mean after 1000 steps 1eV energy transport?

if we change N in the the input :

fix 3 hifix heat 1000 1.0

what happen?


Your first set of commands means once every 1 timestep (or every 0.001 picoseconds), you are adding 1.0 eV.
Your latter command means once every 1000 timesteps (or every 1 picosecond), you are adding 1.0 eV.