[lammps-users] Fix indent command

As the doc page states, it is units of force/distance^2. What
that is depends on what your choice of units. See the units
command for details.


Hi Steve;

Few days back you have explained to me nicely about the "fix indent"
command. Thank you for this, I have one more question related to this:

If I want to evaluate the magnitude of force which is exerting on a
molecular structure by "planar indenter" then I have used the
fix IND all indent $k plane z $p hi vel 0.0 0.0 -0.001 units box
variable c equal f_IND
fix force_approach all print 500 "$c" file
force_app.txt screen no

What I understand that force exerted by indenter can be saved on the
file "force_app.txt" for every 500 steps. This is the actual force by
the indenter on the molecular structure.

Please let me know if this is correct or not.

Thank you for your help



something like that should work - you can also use fix ave/time to print
f_IND to a file directly, without the need for a variable