[lammps-users] fix indent vel and rstart

Dear all,

I want to build a taper indent. Maybe a sphere indent with a decrease radius and a fast rate matches my case. Then it looks like I should use the command “fix indent”. The problem is the setting about vel and rstart.

I used a line in the input file:

fix ball1 AllCell indent 100 sphere 1 1 1 3 vel 300 300 1000 rstart 9

I think the line will give me a ball indent whose radius change from 9 to 3 with velocity 300 300 1000. The final structure was deconstructing absolutely. I wondered how big we need to set the velocity and the radius changing is from which step to which other step?

Or a suggestion on how to build a taper indent will be also very helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Something complex like a "tapered" indenter, I think you'd
need to build separately and just input the atom coords into
LAMMPS via a data file.