[lammps-users] fix langevin Deterministic or not in Lammps

I am willing to make some perturbation-stability analysis in a MD case that I am working with using Lammps. I am using NVE and as a thermostat Langevin. However I am trying to figure out which form of the Langevin has been applied in Lammps; the general form or the simplified which is deterministic? To conclude is there any way to be able to find the eigenvalues of the solved system (ofcourse with some modifications on the source code)?


Well, you have the doc page for the fix langevin command, the papers
it cites, and the source code. I don't know what general/simplified
means - but you should be able to figure it out. The implementation
uses random numbers, so I wouldn't call it deterministic.

Re: eigenvalues - LAMMPS does not compute them. It would have
to be added, or done as a post-processing step.