[lammps-users] fix rgid syntax

Dear LAMMPS users,

I'am puzzled about the fix rigid command.
When I write an input file for a granular model with a rigid fix:

  fix 0 Si rigid single

it works.

When I add the default:

  fix 0 Si rigid single force * 1 1 1

it fails with the following ERROR message:

  ERROR: Illegal fix rigid command.

1.) Group Si has approx. 20000 atoms.
2.) I use periodic boundary conditions in z direction.

With kind regards,
Thomas Wagner.

The syntax is off or on, not 0 or 1.


The same ERROR with:

fix 1 clump1 rigid single force * on on on

remark: option defaults in online doc http://lammps.sandia.gov/doc/fix_rigid.html
are force * 1 1 1 and torque * 1 1 1.


Steve Plimpton schrieb:

The last line of the doc page was in error, with 1 instead of on.

I added this command to bench/in.lj and it works fine:

fix 2 all rigid single force * on on on

Do you have the most current LAMMPS. I think the "force"
option was added shortly after the 9Jan release.