[lammps-users] fix - rigid

Hi All,

I have a question regarding using the “fix - rigid” command. I have two bodies 1 and 2. I made them interact with “LJ /cut 2.5” potential. At one stage of simulation I wanted one of the body to be rigid while the other body interacting the same as earlier. In this case, I was just wondering that if I make the body 2 rigid, do I have the interaction between the body 1 and 2 and body 1 described by “LJ /cut 2.5” ? Also in this case do I need to turn the “NVE” integration?

Thanks, in advance.


Whether either body is rigid or not, you want them to interact
with each other the same way, e.g. by pair style lj/cut. You
can integrate either or both bodies with fix nve or with fix rigid.
You should use one of those on each body, but not both.